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about EcoChic

EcoChic … is a fully fashion-forward store with a conscience. That means bright colors and lively prints.  Adorn yourself in a dress by Yala, made of renewable bamboo fiber. Find a Big Buddha handbag made of “vegan” leather—an Oprah fave that’s been featured on “The Today Show.” Finish your ensemble with a pendant necklace and earrings by Jessie Driscoll, who presses old silver coins into jewelry.

-    Mark Nardone, Delaware Today Magazine, June 2011

It started with a little step...

EcoChic Store in Milford DelawareAt an Earth Day celebration several years ago, I was amazed to find out just how much waste a family of seven could accumulate.  So, along with my husband and five young children, we began recycling and quickly reduced our trash to a third of what it used to be. No longer overfilling a large curbside trash bin with non-biodegradables, we quickly moved to two recycling containers while only filling our non-recyclables bin one third full each week. This was the beginning of my obsession with all things “green”.

Over time, I became frustrated with the lack of local eco-friendly options for my family.  Although I could find them online; I wanted to support my local economy.

This is where my large step came in...

I decided to bring “greener” options to our region and open a store that provided Earth Friendly Products to people who shared my passion. There was just one thing missing, a name.  "Eco" was the easy part, but I didn't want to leave out the element of fashion and style. That's where the "Chic" (pronounced sheek) came in; it means just that, 'stylish' or ‘fashionable’! Perfect, I knew I had found it!

"EcoChic an Earth Friendly Boutique!"

My previous career as a registered nurse gave me insight into the effects that chemicals found in everyday products have on our health. Substituting first and foremost the things that we come in direct contact with on a daily basis, such as cleaning products, skincare, makeup and lotions and of course baby care products; was the foundation for the product lineup at EcoChic. Then I added the fun elements of eco-friendly living, handcrafted jewelry and accessories for every stylish eco-conscious girl out there and let's not forget vegan handbags and bamboo clothing. If that wasn't enough, included a mini-spa in our store loft to house licensed esthetician Hillary Reid of skin by Hillary to provide you with Jurlique Organic Facials and so much more.  (Oh and here’s a little secret…Organic Nail Salon coming soon to the loft!)

My words of encouragement to people who are looking to go green are these...start small, but definitely start. If everyone did just a little…together we could all make a big difference.

I invite you to come in the store, take a look for yourself and get the conversation started. You can now also enjoy the convenience of shopping in our growing online shop.


Welcome to EcoChic!

Teri Carter
aka the Eco Chick




family photo by Maria DeForrest